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The Great Teaching Moments of Our Lives. We all have those moments when the light bulb goes on right over our heads. The world freezes. Ideas and feelings flood our souls with understanding. An epiphany...those moments when the heavens shout a lesson to be learned. Cheryl walks the reader through the nature of epiphanies by doing what she loves...telling stories. In writing some of her own and other's epiphanies, Cheryl demonstrates how each epiphany adds definition to our lives. Grouped together, they provide us valuable insight and direction. The casual reader will enjoy Cheryl's stories and the conclusions she draws. However, Cheryl's true design in writing this book is to coach readers to record their epiphanies and discover the pattern of their own unique, heaven-sent messages. While anyone may enjoy Epiphanies, Cheryl has included many references from The Book of Mormon, scripture used by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 80 pages.

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