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Cheryl introduces the first book in her mystery series about artist and law officer, Jules Goodwin. (coming Summer, 2006)
In this first novel, Jules goes undercover in the Arizona desert. Her mission: Determine how drugs are being transported into the United States from Mexico. Surprisingly, Jules' partner happens to be Josh, an old boyfriend from her college days. Much has happened to them both in the intervening years. And who knows what the future may hold? But for now, Jules and Josh must concentrate on the task at hand: finding and stopping the drug flow. Jules seems to have a knack for being at the center of the action. She and Josh find themselves in several dangerous situations. Their past won’t help them now and they must build a new relationship quickly to get the job done and keep from getting killed.

$8.99 each plus shipping (special pre-published price.)
*** Won't be shipped until published.
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